Our Mission

Students working on a project in a circle.

The Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines (LEAD) Program provides learning forums to students who wish to increase their understanding, improve their skills, and validate their mastery of concepts and content in a wide variety of foundational courses to achieve their full potential. Student-oriented Learning Centers are staffed by discipline-based faculty and accomplished undergraduate peer learning assistants who guide students in the learning process within an atmosphere of cooperative engagement and teamwork. Drop-in peer tutoring is also provided for students who are more responsive to individualized, small-group learning environments.

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education*

Adopted by the UM Board of Curators for the UM Strategic Action Plan: A Design for the Future (1999)

As passed by the Academic Council (April 17, 2003), faculty are urged to:
Encourage Student-Faculty ContactEncourage Cooperation Among StudentsEncourage Active LearningGive Prompt, Frequent, Informative FeedbackEmphasize Time on TaskCommunication High ExpectationsRespect and Encompass Diverse Talents and Learning Styles

* modified slightly from the original Seven Principles article by Chickering and Gamson (1987)