Interactive Java Applets, Animations, Simulation, and Calculators

Interactive Java Applets (EDinfomatics) – by subject area and subtopics

About Java – extensive resource site about applets, with hundreds of downloadable versions
            JARS Java Repository – in Categories, see Science (with Engineering)
            JavaBoutique Categories-Educational – particularly Simulations

Physics - Physlets
            Nice examples
            Composite centripetal force on a circular swing carousel – change period to 3 sec, press enter key, click box “Carousel with forces¿?
            Formation of standing waves by two colliding waves – right click on image, type in f1=5 and f2=5, then press enter key (note: right click on image to pause and resume)
            Thin lens optics – click and hold object tip to change its height and position.  Move lens in the same way.
            Debroglie Atom – to fit an integral number of waves around an atomic orbit; grab the orbit in the applet down the page and move it in and out.  Wave turns green with integral.
            Eignestates in a potential well (advanced) – drag (click and hold left mouse button) any corner of the well or the energy line to see effect on the wavefunction, with accompanying explanation.  If the URL seems broken, try again later for their server at the Ecole Polytechnique in France does not always connect well.

Biology - Biolets
            Nice examples
            Mitosis – hit “rewind¿? button when done, then use “step¿? button to go through sequence (note the arrow going vertically down at right of animation box)
            Virtual Labs – click on “Animations¿? in top blue bar, then “Index¿? tab when the Animation Console pops up

Chemistry - Chemlets
            Nice examples
            Simulation of pressure-volume cycles of gas engine – adjust throttle up on vertical RPM bar
            Chemical kinetics:  Reactant and Products – look for pop-up control panel that pops up somewhere on your monitor after you click to start (click on instructions link for control).

Earth Sciences - Earthlets
            Nice examples
            Molecular motion at atmospheric heights in the atmosphere
            Finding Earthquake Epicenters


Mathematics - Mathlets
            Nice examples
            Surfing Derivative – cute little animation showing instantaneous slope
            Sine, cosine, tangent – geometrically and graphically
            Discontinuity of derivatives for non-smooth functions – click on “Both¿? button in control panel of applet at bottom

Engineering and Technology - Techlets
            Nice examples
            Traffic signal kinematics – change car speed and conditions along with signal timing to see how traffic flow is affected
            Bridge designer – read/glance over intro desk, click on “design and build a bridge truss¿? at bottom, click on desired element at top of next screen (explanation of how to add element will appear in red after you click on desired button)
            Reciprocating diaphragm pump – driven by rotating gear
            Biotech selective diffusion across membrane (concentration polarization) – “Reset¿? button does not seem to work, just click “More¿?
            Formation of PN junctions in semiconductors – drag one of the colored elements up or down, then click “Form Junction¿?

Animations at Physical Sciences Information Gateway (PSIgate) – low to high level material on the web, with great search engine.  In the Find box window, type in the desired search string (e.g., quantum applets), and hit the Go button.  Alternatively, click on the Advanced Search link, enter the desired topic (e.g., quantum) in the Find box, select the subject area (e.g., All subjects, or Physics), and select Animations in the Resource Type pull down choices.  Highly recommended, especially for advanced topics.  Subjects include (but not limited to):
            Physics             Chemistry                     Materials Science
            Astronomy       Earth Sciences              History & Policy

Animations at EEVL Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing – incredible extensive guide to online resources and course material from basic mathematics to topology, bioengineering and material engineering.  To find applets in your desired area, click through layers of disciplines in the subject guide and then enter “applet¿? in the search window and unclick the “exact word¿? button.  (If you do not get enough hits, particularly in engineering disciplines, try “interactive calculator¿? and unclick the “exact word¿? button, but click on “ANY¿? button).  Highly recommended, especially for advanced topics.

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