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Offering middle and secondary school teachers online resources for math and science teaching

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Links to useful resources:

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
            Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)

State Tests: Recent releases of state assessment tests available online (links to individual states)
            Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) - Math
            Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) - Science

Teacher Vision network – Impressive website (free registration) with Lesson Planning Center (by subject and grade level, including sciences and math), Classroom Management tips (art of teaching, teaching methods, special needs, behavior management, ….

Lesson Plans/Planners – for many subjects, many contributed by active teachers

Comprehensive websites for math-science teachers

Interactive Java Applets, Animations, and Simulations – by subject area and subtopics

Online on-demand digital educational video service in all subjects (United Streaming).  Many schools find the annual fee to be cost-effective for easy access to a wealth of the material.

Science for Kids and Teens

How Stuff Works – radios, electromagnets, solar cells, …
              Electronics - TV, Radio, Cell phone, VCR, CDs/DVDs
              Science and Technology - electromagnets, relays, Van de Graaff generators, laser, solar light
              Energy and Electrical Power - solar cells, transformer
              Inside - electric motor, smoke detector, cell phone
              Digital Technology - Boolean logic, electronic gates, digital clock, microcontrollers
              Home Appliances - microwave oven, telephone, Christmas lights
              Telecommunications - telephone, cell phone, radio scanner, satellites

General Education Resources
            Physics             Biology            Earth Sciences 
            Mathematics     Chemistry         Engineering and Technology

Microsoft Tutorials for using Office 2007:  Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, FrontPage
Missouri S&T Tutorials for using Office 2007

How to produce web-active files using Microsoft Office

Secondary-School Science Coalition (prequel to SEQL)
            Summer Institute 2004 (7/19/04-7/30/04)

Science Education and Quantitative Literacy Project (SEQL)
            Institutes and workshops (2005 - present)